Shopping List for Labs and Experiments

homeschool science shopping list

The following is a list of supplies that will come in handy. Each individual lab or experiment may require additional and specialized materials, but with a few things on hand, science can be done at your table with very little preparation.

Soda bottle preforms and a rack – WOW! These are the perfect test tubes for little hands. When I discovered these, I was thrilled! Perfect for small hands, they’re plastic, durable, washable and have held up to so many different labs! Just don’t put acetate in them!
Litmus pH test strips
immersion thermometer
250 mL graduated cylinder
100 mL beakers
plastic disposable cups
measuring spoons dedicated to chemistry lab use
Dixie cups – if you have a Costco membership, get a 600-pack of Dixie cups and you’ll have plenty on hand for all sorts of experiments and labs!
mortar and pestle
Lab coat
Goggles – get chemical or splash goggles for maximum protection
Hand lens
Liquid food color
Eco-Foam packing peanuts 
Pipettes – buy a big bag, these guys are a pain to clean!
Petri dishes  – for most labs, these can be washed and reused

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