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Smore magazine review

Smore Magazine : Review. This is a gem of a resource that’s aimed primarily at girls who are 7-years old and up. With a STEM-forward approach, this is a glossy, fun-to-read magazine that set out, when first launched in the fall of 2017, to empower young girls and to foster their love of science, technology, engineering, and math.

I was a Kickstarter backer of this project, and my own daughter has loved reading the magazines. They’ve been a great supplement to our homeschool science program. Each is filled with inspiring stories of remarkable women in science, women who have challenged gender stereotypes to become leaders in their fields. In addition, issues also include quick-reads that aim to answer questions like “Why is Mount Saint Helens Rumbling” (August-September 2017), and plenty of cool infographics to help explain everyday science.

Lots to Do!

There’s plenty of fun inside each issue, too, with snippets of fun facts, and some activities, too. Even the activities are thought-provoking, and not just page fillers. My daughter enjoyed doing the activities in the car as we drove to and from homeschool science team activities.

I particularly appreciate that pages are thicker than most magazines, making it a durable magazine and perfect for re-reading. For example, I handed the read copies to my niece who also enjoyed reading them. My daughter especially loves the centerfold pull-outs which are decorating the walls of her bedroom.

Developed by Sarita Menon, a children’s science educator and scientist by training, Smore is an exceptional magazine and one I highly recommend.

Check out their webpage here, or pop over to their Facebook page. Every STEM-loving girl should have a subscription to Smore!

This is a colorful magazine, and for even more color, check out other homeschool science labs like testing candies for Acidic Properties or Dissolving Candies.

Do your kids read Smore? Leave us your own Smore Magazine review in the comments below.

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