I’m a homeschool mom, amateur scientist and the founder of a homeschool science enrichment group that grew over the span of four years, to a membership of 65 active kids. At this science group, we’d do hands-on science each and every week. And, over time, I’ve built up quite a collection of affordable, accessible and easy-to-plan and execute labs that can be done right in the convenience of your own home.

Kids LOVE science. From the youngest to the oldest, there’s nothing like the “oohs” and “ahhs” of delighted students. It is a shame that more hands-on science isn’t done in schools during the early years, so no matter if you’re homeschooling or your kids are in school, there are fun labs in here for all ages. Leave the textbooks aside, and let your kids have some fun!

As a mom and an educator, I’m a firm believer that even the youngest kids can grasp big scientific concepts if the material is presented in a way that’s easier for them to understand. I never dumb-down the science, but rather make it approachable and understandable. What a hoot it is to hear six-year-olds talking about particle physics, cell biology, and astrophysics! Also of note, all my material is secular-I follow the science!

All of these labs and experiments feature chemicals, materials and supplies that you can get from Amazon or other online or local retailers. However, they are still labs and experiments and should ALWAYS be conducted under the supervision of an adult. Proper safety equipment is also a must. From chemical goggles to lab coats, kids should learn how to properly dress, behave and execute a lab or experiment safely.

Take a look through my collection. These labs can be done at home at your kitchen table, or they can be adapted for the classroom, homeschool co-ops, or groups of any size. And the best part is that you don’t need to be a scientist to help your kids understand the principles and science behind each activity.

Be safe. Have fun. And, most importantly, learn!

**Disclaimer. The owner of this website accepts no responsibility for accidents or labs/experiments not working properly. All labs/experiments have been personally tested, but ownership accepts no responsibility for labs/experiments that fail to turn out properly.
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